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It is common to think that coffee is a strong, bitter beverage that sometimes tastes burnt and not as subtle as its counterpart, tea.

At Volt, we are committed to respecting the work of producers by preserving the typicality of the product, a reflection of its terroir and the aromas that can be found.

To do this, we choose to roast at lower temperatures and for a shorter period of time than industrial standards in order to allow the coffee beans to express all their flavors. Each batch of roasted green coffee is carefully monitored by our roaster Mathieu, whose work is based on the desire to offer you a unique and truly artisanal coffee.

This roasting work is done in close collaboration with our team of baristas, who represent the last key element in the creation of a high quality coffee. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer you a coffee that is truly worked and constant throughout the day.

To complete this artisanal approach, we have also chosen to work with Slayer machines to make our drinks. 

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, it is the only espresso machine that allows you to precisely and consistently control the water flow, allowing you to grind coffee more finely and develop incredible flavor profiles.



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