Our expertise

In the collective consciousness, coffee is often associated with many misconceptions and often leaves consumers with an unpleasant memory, if not prohibitive some manage to get used to this strong, bitter and burnt taste drink that is too often served. 

This long-neglected coffee bean, considered a simple commodity, has been undergoing a revolution in recent years and is finally being valued for its quality, thanks to the know-how of passionate players who are also working to re-educate your palate!  

At Volt, we are committed to respecting the work of producers while preserving the typicality of the product, reflecting its terroir and the aromas that can be found in it.

To ensure that your cup experience is the best, we choose to roast at lower temperatures and for a shorter period of time than industrial standards to allow the coffee beans to express all their flavors. 
Each batch of roasted green coffee is carefully monitored by our roaster, whose work is based on the desire to offer you a unique and artisanal coffee.

This roasting work is done in close collaboration with our team of baristas, the last essential link in this chain of valorization. It is thanks to them that we are able to offer you a high quality coffee every day.

To complete this approach, we have chosen to work with the Slayer Espresso brand to make our drinks. An innovative espresso machine with a unique design, allowing us to control the extraction of our coffees in a precise and constant way and to develop incredible flavor profiles.