For a greener coffee

We choose to work only with green coffees from sustainable and fair agriculture, having received a tasting note higher than 84/100.

We collaborate directly with producers, cooperatives and importers, valuing the cost of labor and the long-term investment of the producer for a responsible agriculture.

Belco is the leading French company for the sourcing of specialty coffees. Beyond the simple activity of purchasing coffee, Belco is part of a global approach aiming to develop a more sustainable coffee industry, by accompanying producers and roasters in their needs.
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Founded in 2016 by Markos, son of a coffee farmer in Guatemala and Christina, a german coffee lover, Los Amigos is specialized in sourcing high quality green coffees. Collaborating with 9 farms across Guatemala, Los Amigos offers us the opportunity to get unique coffees that reflect the uniqueness of each producer.

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Based both in Italy and in the Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil, CQT Coffees is our privileged partner in the supply of Brazilian green coffee. Socio-environmental responsibility is a commitment of the producers in the Mantiqueira de Minas region. Their conduct generates sustainable growth throughout the production chain, contributing to the social, economic and environmental development of coffee production.

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Specialized in sourcing and exporting green coffees from Colombia, Col Spirit ensures the traceability of the origin and quality of the coffees, from the farm to the roasting.
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Also aware of the environmental issues related to packaging, we decided to free ourselves entirely from plastic in our choice of packaging. To do this, it is with the company Biotrē that we decided to collaborate by buying biodegradable and guaranteed plastic-free packages! For more information :

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