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Roasting: filter/espresso

  • It is at an altitude of 2,200 m in the Nyamasheke district in western Rwanda that this delicious bee- pollinated coffee is grown. It is then transported to the Cyato coffee washing station (CWS) located at 1,930m above sea level. 

    This high altitude land bordering the Nyungwe forest is particularly rich and fertile. The vast nearby inland Lake Kivu offers a cool and humid climate. There is great biodiversity and bees live there in abundance. 

    The impact of bees on coffee production had never been noticed or considered until recently: during pollination, bees leave vital microorganisms on coffee plants, giving them a more constant size and better flavors. They can increase yield by 36 to 50%! 

    Tropic Coffee organizes and trains farmers for better agricultural practices to preserve this unique environment. They also do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. 

    Coffee drying in the cool climate of the Nyungwe Forest is one of the crucial factors for the production of high quality coffee. It gives coffee beans powerful aromas and increases its longevity.


    Variety : red Bourbon
    Region : Nyamasheke
    Station : Cyato Washing Station
    Altitude : 1930 - 2200 masl.
    Harvest : March to June
    Process : natural

    Aromatic notes : peach, apricot

Tous nos cafés sont conditionnés dans des paquets issus à 100% de ressources renouvelables et sont garantis sans plastique