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Volt Café Brûlerie



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Variété : Heirloom
Région : Sidama
Ferme / Station : DWD
Altitude : 1950
Récolte :
November to January
Traitement : Natural shade dried
Notes aromatiques : Apricot, blueberry

Recommandé pour : Filter and espresso


This Bombe coffee is harvested in the Sidama region. It is prepared by DWD in their station and dried under shade. This microlotest produced at 1900 m altitude, in a rich environment. It offers the beautiful flavors that Sidama coffees are known for.

BOMBE DWD manages several washing and drying stations in the Sidama region. The region from which Bombe coffee comes is located in the village of the same name, at an altitude of 1950 m. This station called Wax General Trading offers the possibility of offering washed, natural and anaerobically fermented coffees, all processed with the greatest care. The cherries that are prepared here are collected from different small producers in the neighboring villages. Coffee culture is ancient in this region and integrated into a mixed farming system which allows farmers to diversify their income and ensure the harvest of food crops.


Ato Dukale was born near Bensa, in the Sidama region, where his parents already had a coffee farm. At 16, he began to venture into small businesses in the region, such as selling clothes in Dilla or cane sugar. But quickly his interest turned completely towards coffee. He traveled extensively in his native region to collect a few bags from different Sidama farmers. Ato Dukale and his wife gave their 8 children the best possible education. In the late 1980s, he built a first car wash in Daye Bensa, which he called 'Awraja and his family. » Awraja was the name of the department where he lived when he was young, a name used under the Derg but which has since disappeared. It was above all the nickname of Ato Dukale at the time when he was a renowned volleyball player and when he roamed the country with his team, under the colors of his district: Bensa Awraja! Since then, his activity has prospered because The Dukale Wakayo Dakola company currently has 16 collection centers in the Sidama and Yirgacheffe regions. It is taken over by Ato Dukale's sons, Assafa, Shahsamo and Yamrot, who, with their father, put their rigor into producing high quality coffees.

Tous nos cafés sont conditionnés dans des paquets issus à 100% de ressources renouvelables et sont garantis sans plastique