ETHIOPIA Goma - Mana Mufti Honey

ETHIOPIA Goma - Mana Mufti Honey

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Mana Mufti coffee is coming from different farmers of Goma district. Mana Mufti is the name of Mustapha Mohamed Ali’s drying station,where farmers bring their cherries in order to prepare them following honey process. Marjorie, our Belco’s agronomist from Salvador, came in Ethiopia several times to teach honey process to different producers, as Mohamed Ali..


Mana Mufti is the name of Mustapha Mohamed Ali's drying station. The place is a family one. Mohamed Ali’s father used to have here his coranic school during many years. This school gave the name to that place. Mana, in oromo langage, means house and mufti names a Muslim religious leader, title held by Mustapha’s father.
The previous school is still visible in the station.
Now, local farmers bring their cherries to Mana Mufti and Mustapha and his team prepare them following honey process. Mustapha have been applying this process since few years. Marjorie, the Belco’s agronomist from Salvador, came to Ethiopia to train producers to this process. Mustapha quickly showed his enthusiasm for this way of doing, a process more respectful for the environment, using less water, and which gives a beautiful cup.

The coffee called Mana Mufti is produced by several small farmers. These producers cultivate small plots of land around Mohamed Ali's drying station, and put their production in common to create this nice forest coffee.
Coffee has been produced here since many centuries. Farmers got traditional know-how and work to perpetuate this agricultural heritage. The coffee trees of this area come from the wild forest of Choche, the place that remains as the place where coffee was discovered. The coffee lands are located around 2000 m. Farmers cultivate here following an polyculture model of agriculture mixing food crop and commercial production. Coffee is a major crop in this area and the peasants are working to maintain its high quality.

Flavor notes Sweet, coconut, macadamia
Altitude 2000m
Area Goma
Producer Several small producers
Variety Heirloom
Process Honey

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