ETHIOPIA Sidamam Bombe

ETHIOPIA Sidamam Bombe

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DWD is managing different stations in Sidama region. The one where Bombe coffee comes from is located in a small village, logically called Bombe, located at 1950 m. This station is named Wax General Trading. Here, DWD is able to prepare washed and natural coffees, as well as some lots done by anaerobic fermentation. All the processes are carefully done. Cherries are coming from some outgrowers living just around the station. Coffee is grown with different crops around it, a way for farmers to balance their incomes and to grow food for their own families.

The producer :

Mr Dukale was born in Bensa area of Sidama region from a coffee farming parents. At early age he was a sugarcane trader, shifted to boutique, and started collecting coffee from surrounding villages. In late 1980s he opened the first processing station of ‘’Awraja and his Families’’ in Daye Bensa. He has around 16 coffee processing stations in Sidama, Gedeo and West Guji areas.


Flavor Notes: caramel, honey, vanilla, tropical fruit and strawberry
Altitude: 1950m
Area: Bombe - Sidama
Station: WGT
Producer: DWD
Varieties: Heirlooms
Process: Natural

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