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Roasting: filter/espresso

  • This Idido coffee is marked by a typical Yirgacheffe profile. It is harvested at above 1.900m above sea level, in the village that gives it its name. The generational expertise of the farmers is the first key to a beautiful coffee. This initial work is then enhanced by the family company DWD which manages the drying station located in the same village of Idido.


    Ato Dukale traveled extensively in his native region to collect a few bags from various Sidama farmers. In the late 1980s he built his first washing station in Daye Bensa, which he called "Awraja and his family." Since then, his business has flourished as the Dukale Wakayo Dakola company currently has 16 collection centers in Sidama and Yirgacheffe regions.


    The Idido station is the main one run by the family-owned company DWD in the Yirgacheffe appellation. The coffee is collected from the farmers of the village, as well as from Haricha and Dirato. DWD produces Idido washed coffees, plain and honey red, with particular care. The group has dedicated this station to specialty coffees, while the so-called conventional coffees are prepared a few kilometers away, in the village of Resiti. This strict separation of the batches allows DWD to maintain its level of quality on the preparation of beautiful batches. The knowledge of this family business has been passed on from father to son for more than 30 years.



    Variété : Heirloom
    Région : Yiergacheffe
    Producteur : Ato Dukale - DWD
    Altitude : 1960 m
    Récolte : novembre - janvier
    Traitement : red honey
    Score : 86 points

    Notes aromatiques : honey, chocolate, caramel

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