Colombia - La Leona

Colombia - La Leona

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Farm :

The farm has been in the Gallego family for the last 20 years. Before that the farm was growing platano and a fruit called granadilla.
La Leona is a farm of around 5 ha. But doña Rosalba also processes the cherries from her neighbor. La Leona’s main crop is coffee, mainly Castillo and Tabi. It still has a little of platano. Harvest happens between November and Januaryr


Process :

The anaerobic natural process puts cherries in a sealed oxygen-free environment (sealed plastic barrels) for a pre-fermentation that results in elevated Lactic Acid. This is like a Lactose beer and produces smooth, balanced textures and a watermelon like flavor. Lactic fermentation allows for the growth of lactic acid bacteria under anaerobic conditions with constant measurement of oxygen level, sugar content, and pH. After reaching the desired time, the coffee is soaked in clean water to stop the growth of bacteria and dried on raised beds.

Drying : Dried on patios (concrete floor) with partial sun exposure during daytime. During nighttime before temperature drops, and relative humidity increases the drying patio is closed. It is particularly important to control the temperature of the coffee in the patio to avoid overheating the cherries. The patio is moved two times per day.

Sorting : The cherries get hand sorted at picking, later sorted during the floating process and last selection is at the milling where the coffee is selected by screen size and defects. At the milling the final stage of selecting is made by hand, because the electronical machine is not perfectly accurate on the selection.

Stabilization : At the farm after drying to 10-11% humidity the coffee gets packed in GrainPro/ ECOTACT bags and sisal and stored at the farm, at 20°C. Usually after 1 to 1,5 months the coffee is stabilized and ready for the milling and then export.

Flavor Notes Ripe fruits, raspberry. Nice acidity, full-bodied
Altitude 1550-1770m
Area Cordoba (Quindio)
Farm La Leona
Producer Dona Rosalba
Variety Tabi 
Process Natural lactic fermentation

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